Invest Guggenheim is the investment arm of the Switzerland bank group and is one of Switzerland's leading private equity funds, with a fund volume of 250 million Euros. As an evergreen fund with unlimited term, we are able to provide long-term stability and a solid foundation for future success, above all when an increasing number of medium-sized companies face a growing need for equity.
    The benefits of private equity:

  •     No personal liability of the partners
  •     No securities to weigh you down
  •     Greater risk capacity

    Since its founding in 1991,  Invest Guggenheim has already invested equity and mezzanine capital in 130 companies in a wide variety of sectors. Currently, 50 companies in Germany and the West of Europe trust in our expertise and are benefiting from our support in operational, commercial, and strategic matters.
    Whatever situation you find yourself in as a company and to which you are seeking a custom-made solution, rest assured that you will always find us to be an experienced and reliable partner.